So my parents are currently building a house, and my mom was asking me what kind of decorating style she should go with. The house is out in the middle of the country- a fact that was stearing her toward a completely rustic design aesthetic. I'm not too keen on the idea of going all out rustic. It seems so dated and usually pretty dark. However, some rustic elements are great, so I told her about this new rustic/luxe design concept that i'm completely obsessed with. It incorporates elements like reclaimed wood floors/walls/doors/etc, chandeliers (made from antlers/twigs/etc), and animal wall mounts (real or not). I'm not sure if she's going to go for it, but I thought i'd share a few images with you, and you can tell me what you think.

It's all about the color/distressing of those wood floors. Love 'em.

I love the fireplace and the wood stack. Not to mention the wood beams.

Cowhide rug? Duh.

Some cool bedrooms.

Twigs, real antlers, or fake antlers for a chandelier. Awesomeness.

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