I'm Valerie -- a small-town, Texas gal who is currently living in South Carolina. Growing up in the South, I was not exposed to a lot of different viewpoints and ideas until I went to college in the big city of Dallas. I got my degree in engineering, but I've always been very passionate about social injustice. That passion has driven me to pursue a myriad of different things, not the least of which is a plant-based diet. I hope to use this blog as a creative outlet for me, where I can express my passions with the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy the ride.

"they haven't
come for me yet
with their badges and their rules and their
numb ears. oh, them
and their caprice!
like the fox
I run with the hunted and
if I'm not the happiest
man on earth I'm surely the
luckiest man

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