Good Listener (II)

Are you a good listener? Here's what's up this week:

1. Jessica Lea Mayfield - "Our Hearts are Wrong"
Thanks to my friend and fellow music-junkie, Faith, I was introduced to this gem. I believe I had it on repeat in my car for about two days straight. Jessica's heart-heavy, country folk style, which is paired oh-so-nicely with swells of atmospheric guitar, is just what the doctor ordered.

2. Givers - "Ceiling of Plankton"
This song is a fighter. Despite it having, hands down, one of the dumbest music videos I've ever seen, I just can't hate it. In fact, I love it. A lot. The lyrics are sweet and thoughtful, and if it doesn't put you in a good mood, well, I think you're a lost cause.

3. Nero - "Promises"
Definitely not trying to offend all of the Skrillex groupies out there, but the original version of this Nero song is much, much better than the over-synthesized one you've probably heard. Anyway, I got it free on iTunes a while back, and I just recently heard it on an HP commercial. Looks like I'm not the only one who thought it had potential.

4. Greg Laswell - "Nicely Played"
You might think me too bold for saying this, but I believe Greg Laswell is my all-time favorite artist. You may not know it, but I can guarantee that you've heard his stuff before (unless you live under a rock that doesn't have a television). Although popular in TV shows and movies, his songs have yet to hit popular radio stations - at least around these parts. His new album, Landline, is amazing, and "Nicely Played" is one of my favorite jams off of it. (But don't stop there. Seriously, don't.)

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