Good Listener (I)

Since my biggest passion is, without a doubt, music, I want to dedicate most Monday's to songs/artists I am currently obsessing about. While I do enjoy a lot of "popular" music, most of what I listen to has never been, nor likely will ever be, aired on the radio. But, I figured if I get enough people liking what I like, maybe, just maybe, it will end up on some obscure station you can only pick up in Austin. So, here are three songs (with links) that you should be listening to if you know what's good for you:

1. The Echo Friendly - "Same Mistakes"
I heard this song on an episode of HBO's Girls (great show with great music), and I can't stop listening to it. The lyrics are, I think, really easy for most people to relate to (you know, unless you are Jesus).

2. Cat Power - "Naked If I Want To"
I absolutely love Cat Power, and this cover of the Moby Grape song epitomizes all of the reasons why. Her voice is seductive and alluring, and even though I heard this song quite a while ago, it still makes every one of my playlists. I hear it and can't keep from busting out in song (I'll go ahead and apologize to those of you who may happen to pull up next to me at a red light).

3. The Cinematic Orchestra - "To Build a Home"
This song is slow and somewhat depressing, but I swear it is really good! I love the piano and the melancholy sound of lead singer Patrick Watson's voice (if you like, you should check out some of his music as a solo artist, too).


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