Good Listener (IV)

1. Horse Feathers - "Curs in the Weeds"
If Iron & Wine turned folk, this is what it would sound like. I love this song, with all of the wonderful string instruments and the great lyric (rightly used for the title of the album) "It's like marrow without bone/ to live in house with no home." Unfortunately, I envisioned a different video, so I recommend closing your eyes and just listening to the beautiful music.

2. Phantogram - "Mouthful of Diamonds"
Just listen. Period.

3. Yoshida Brothers - "Overland Blues" & "Kodo"
The first video is a song called "Overland Blues." It sounds super cool- asian/blues. The second video is the remix version of "Kodo" (awesome), but I included a third video (of "Kodo") that you have to check out because it shows them playing their instruments. It's amazing to watch.

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