No then Yes (yes is better)

Well, first, I'll fess up to saying no (cringing) to an out-of-town party just days after the commencement of my Year of Yes. So incredibly bad, I know, but I was a little fearful of the weather conditions (it's Texas, it ices sometimes, roads get slick, and I'm admittedly the worst driver on the planet). Turns out it would have all been fine, so I should have just said Yes anyway. I rescheduled with the invitee though for Tuesday, so I feel just a little better about myself.

On a more positive note, I said Yes to going into the big city the very next day, of course, when the weather was supposed to be even worse. But I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. And you know what? I didn't have a wreck. I had a really, really good time. Played some darts, ate some really good sliders, drank an old fashioned at this swanky little bar, talked about myself, listened, felt genuinely happy, and reflected on it all over some good music driving home.

I'm starting to figure out things may actually be able to change. They don't have to stay in that paralized state no matter how long you've been holding yourself back, stuck. There's always hope. Always love. Always an opportunity. Just open your eyes and your heart and go get it.

You are amazing. 


Commencement: Year of Yes

So, on this blog, I dedicated most of my earlier writings to fashion - quirks that nobody really cared about, but it soothed me, providing me with a creative outlet I guess. I still love all that nonsense, but now I'm going to focus on me. Sound too self-involved? Well, prepare yourself. This is my Year of Yes. I'm going to say yes to pretty much everything (unless it goes against some moral code I have established for myself). Dates, dancing, parties, "try this"'s, shots, laughing, karaoke, sky diving, tattoos, bathing suits/pool parties, high rise jeans, cowboy boots, strange food, bad music, parental guidance, listening, hearing, giving, yoga, volunteering, crying, friendships, marathons, "do it again"'s... All one must do is ask, and I sure as heck will sometimes be that "one" who asks it of myself. I found myself so caught up in worrying about being embarrassed, or scared, or confused, or nervous that I really haven't been living. So here it goes. My Year of Yes. Hope you'll enjoy this as much as I hope I will.

First, I will establish some ground rules. As far as the dating thing goes, I will go on a date with anyone who asks unless:
1. I don't feel safe
2. The person is married

Yes, that means if the homeless guy on the corner yells, "hey baby, lookin for a date?" I will respond with, "Well, yes, yes I am. Follow me to that McDonalds around the block."

I'll get a tattoo when my sister asks me for the five-thousandth time... So long as it's something I want and won't regret until at least 6 months down the road.

I will dance with anyone who asks- just don't expect too much. At all.

I'll do yoga with that girl from work who's asked me too many times, and I'll "domino effect" that whole studio when I fall over onto the person next to me due to my sad, so sad, lack of balance.

I'll heed my parents' pleas to come see them more often. And I'm sure I'll probably enjoy it, despite the attitude I'll try to portray.

There's probably more, but I'm sure we will come to that in due time. I'm excited. Here goes a year to remember.