Good Listener (VI)

1. Brandi Carlile - "Hard Way Home"
This song is off of her new album, Bear Creek. She's got one of my top five female voices of all time - there's something haunting and ragged about it. I'm still amazed that the only song I've ever heard on the radio down here is "The Story." She's so awesome. Needless to say, I have all of her albums, and while this album isn't my favorite, it's got some good tracks--- case and point: "Hard Way Home." As Brandi explains in the video (from the link embedded in the title, not the video below) , it's definitely got a country vibe to it, but hey, I'm from Texas - country is in my blood.

2. Rival Sons - "Young Love"
Since Rival Sons has just come out with a new album, I thought I'd share one of their songs with you. While this is definitely not the most popular song by this rock and roll band, it's my personal favorite. I'd never heard of Rival Sons until I met my boyfriend, and now I can't go a day with him without hearing one of their tracks. Fortunately, I really like 'em. In this track the lead singer, Jay Buchanan (see his solo body of work, Buchanan), has a different sound... you know, in my awesome musical opinion... and it just really works for my ears.

3. The Lumineers - "Ho Hey"
Heard this on a television show recently. Just wait until the chorus... just puts a smile on my face no matter what mood i'm in.

4. Of Monsters and Men - "Little Talks"
Serioulsy good. Seriously. I shouldn't have to explain. Plus, I know you've heard it on the radio already.

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